Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
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Halfway through the week already!

     I'm grateful Tuesday night and Wednesday night were much better than Monday, when I had both a nasty headache and eyestrain that kept me from writing. Chugging along with 'Great Wave' since, thankfully.

     Also quite pleased with the progress I'm making on my in-story illustration for 'Defender.' It's nice to take a break from 'Great Wave' illustrations and do a 'normal' project--not be impersonating Bivordian artisans for a bit!

     Proud of my employer for getting a LEED certification for the building I work in. They chose to make the presentation on Earth Day, with a little hoopla from the city mayer and the local media. Thumbs up for them!
Tags: defender (story), great wave, job: other
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