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     Not only was it my wonderful sister-in-law Christina's birthday today, it was my cat Arun's. He is now 9 years old (I can't believe it!). And so for one of his 'gifts' I was able to get the outdoor enclosure set up for the summer. I'm glad it was cool but the rain held off so I could get that done with a minimum of misery, and he had a blast with charging in and out in the afternoon.

     Getting 'Defender' up on my Portal Page means I've finally met my goal of having 30 stories linked there...and Christina's read half of it already! *hugs*

     Another Windstone fund-raiser raffle that makes me so proud and happy to be a part of it. It raised $1626.53 to help out a member who has a disabled adult son and lives with a boyfriend...let's just say he's a piece of work, all right. The money is to help her with moving out to a place of her own (and getting it to meet wheelchair-access code for her son) and I'm so happy she's going to be free of that...piece of work. It's amazing what people can do (even in a recession) when they pitch in together to help somebody out!
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