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The good stuff:

     Lunch with Christi Monday, to be cherished even more as we might not be seeing much of each other until the autumn.

     Finished writing the addendum section for 'The Great Wave' on Monday, but when I went to look over/edit the file at home that evening, I couldn't get it to open! So grateful that I'd already gotten most of it up on LJ, and that the portion I hadn't I was able to get to at work this morning. =) Yay for not having to rewrite anything!

     It feels downright strange to not have to cover Corey's job from 7:30 am - 1 pm for the first time in a long time (or so it feels). Nice to not be jumping up all the time to go do stuff at his desk!

     I keep fiddling, but I think the 'Great Wave' illustrations are finally done! Did three different views for the part 4 illustration, so I guess it could as easily count as 7 'Great Wave' illustrations as it could 5. Hard to believe I'm actually really truly done with those...
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