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Wednesday already...

     Glad for an escape yesterday. At around 3:40 pm it was really coming down hard with the rain outside, and then on top of it, there was hail--pea-sized at times. I was really not looking forward to going out in that with no coat and a very skimpy umbrella, but thankfully it was all gone and even a little sunny by the time I left work at 4. Another round of hail in the evening, but that batch was tiny too, so I could quell my urge to run out and fling my body over my poor, defenseless car. ;P I really don't like hail.

     Spotted a female bluebird getting an earthworm off the road on my way home from work Monday. I probably mention it here every time I see a bluebird, but I just can't get over my amazement at seeing them in my quite suburban neighborhood (with good-sized trees).

     Finished up tonight's writing session, getting my totals up on LJ, doing little stuff...and looked out the window to see a rainbow! First one of 2009. I'd been looking all over last night, with some sunlight amidst the hail, with no success--and now I hadn't even noticed it was raining. Went over to the cat room for a better view--and spotted my first vulture of 2009, flying in circles under the rainbow. A double treat! =)
Tags: birds: bluebirds, birds: vultures, great wave, rainbows
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