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What a treat the cool weather has been lately!

     Slept marvelously long and deliciously cool with a sleeping pill last night; I think my place got down to 58 F/14 C. What a blessing!

     Thanks to a cool day as well, I actually had the energy to plunge into a little purging of my walk-in closet, and some cleaning of my atrocious sidewalk mess (though the wind kept me from finishing that job). Got months to get my apartment presentable for my mom's visit, but it's best to start early. =)

     It's been too long since I had photos here--and this wonderful coolness has made the beautiful spring blossoms last longer than on too many years when heat or storms shred them quickly. My walks to and from the bus stop have been exquisite of late.

So here's a shot of some of the delicious row of lilacs outside my side door.

And here's a close-up. I wish I could upload the wonderful scent as well!
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