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It was a very nice weekend.

     The drive to and from church was just gorgeous today, heightened by the strains of the new 'Il Divo' cd I bought myself on Friday (since it was on sale and I was sulking over Target not having the 'Star Trek' soundtrack ;) No turkey trying to run under my car on Glen Road this time either!

     After a week of procrastinating, got the floor plan draft of Delarun nearly complete (three levels linked in stair-step fashion makes for a bigger challenge than any other floor plan I've attempted!). Got enough done anyway so I can write sections 3 and 4.

     Very happy to get to kick off section 3 today. Feels like ages since I last did any writing, but it's only been 9 days. Feels good to be moving with 'Delarun' again, and it's more fun as this section takes place only 7 years after The Great Wave, so the time period feels very familiar. Yay!
Tags: delarun, mapmaking

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