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A very long week finally wearing down...

     Very glad to have Kathy around again! She managed two hours of work on Wednesday, and four on Thursday. Hopefully she'll keep getting stronger and soon be fully recovered from her mini-stroke. It is just wonderful to see her.

     I checked temps in Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday and it was 55 F/13 C. So I told Corey I would not be coming back to Minnesota. ;) After those two record-shattering hot days, I'm really getting excited to get out of here!

     Lunch with Christi today, which was a treat as always.

     After hammering away at it for a good portion of every day this week, Corey and I have finally finished the Annuities project! Hurrah! My hands did not drop off (yet ;) and I hope I don't see another stack of that stuff for another five years!

     Glad for the lovely surprise of comics in the mail from my mom.

     And thank God for an end to the heat wave. Couple 'normal' temp days before it starts warming up again. I can start trying to recuperate. =)
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