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Shouts · of · Joy

Friday goodies:      Went out to lunch with…

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Friday goodies:

     Went out to lunch with my coworker Shelley today and got to use the last few bucks on my Chipotle gift card. Yum! Nice timing too, as she's off next week, so we won't be seeing each other again until almost the middle of June.

     Saw not one, but two bluebirds on the walk home from the bus stop today--a male and a female. They've definitely taken up residence!

     The treat of a lovely thank-you card in the mail from my brother and sister-in-law. =)

     I succeeded in getting a couple Twitter .rss feeds to syndicate to my LJ account--the last time I'd tried it hadn't worked, but now I can read 'Diapers4Three' and Windstone tweets hopefully without any hindrance from the work filter. Yay!
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