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Holiday highlights:

     A delightful discovery as I was gathering up garden tools to do a little planting Monday morning--my hand trowel knocked against my hand fork/cultivator--and it acted as a tuning fork! It was just too fun to listen to it over and over again and then go read up on tuning forks on the internet. Always chances to learn!

     And yes, Monday was the day I planted my itty bitty garden for 2009. Since I'll be gone a majority of June, I didn't want to risk planting much, what I did plant should be able to go for a week or so without watering if necessary. And if not--I won't have lost much money. It was fun to play in the dirt a little--it's been a long time, it feels.

     Best of all, I really got rolling with 'Delarun.' Between my writing session in the morning, and another in the afternoon, not only did I pass the 20,000 word mark, but I finished the section! 'The Traitor' is complete, though it certainly needs polishing. Hurrah! My goals for the writing season before summer 2009 have all been met!
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