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Hurrah for Friday!

     Forgot to mention this in my last post, but I got to pick up two Yellowstone/Grand Tetons National Parks guidebooks at the library on Wednesday. They're going to be a lovely resource, so I just had to say: libraries are wonderful! =D

     A delightful surprise Thursday in the form of Shanra dropping by and reading 'Reunion.' That really cheered up my afternoon. *hugs*

     A treat in the evening the last few evenings--the catbird's cheery, disjointed, energetic singing (they're a mimic bird related to the mockingbird). It's been lovely hearing him in the evenings and the cardinal in the mornings.

     Despite renders this week that took 26 hours and a patch render that took nearly 12, I am making good progress on my 600th 'gush' post celebration picture. Getting down to the wire now, and as this is post 597, that's a good thing!

     Today's my last day of work until June 11th!
Tags: birds: other, books, reunion
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