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     Simply delicious sleep last night with a sleeping pill.

     Every time I think I can't possibly respect or admire Pixar any more than I already do...I go see their newest film and get blown away all over again. 'Up' was fantastic!

     Time for my very first poll! I'm going to try to post here while I'm on vacation, though I don't know how frequently. Certainly won't have time to upload everything I take pictures of.

Poll #1408393 Vacation Photos

What type of photos would you most like to see?

Flowers and plants
Birds and mammals
Landscape and scenery (incl geysers and waterfalls)

     Lastly, if anyone would like a Yellowstone or Grand Tetons postcard, just let me know! Can't promise I'll mail them from that place--and let me know if you have a preference. (like Old Faithful =)
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