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Last day before my vacation...

     Treated myself out to some junk food from Culver's this afternoon to reward myself for my 'Delarun' progress and a great word haul for 2009 so far. Onion rings and deep fried cheese curds--YUM!

     And this is my 600th post here, a number I've been anticipating. I decided to commemorate the event with a picture like I did for 300th post. 2009 being the year in which I finally finished book 4, I had to pick a character I just might live long enough to actually write about someday--since I hope to begin book 5 this autumn. A very important character whom I'm very much looking forward to 'meeting' someday at last. Though she's still on the young side here.

     And wow--in less than 12 hours I'll be on a plane heading for Montana!

     (Edited to add) Just got a call from my aunt--she started reading book 4 and is having a blast. Page 50 already, though I told her not to push herself trying to finish it before we meet June 20. What a treat to buoy me up right before leaving!
Tags: art, book 4: readers, onion rings, soj

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