Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

(Running late because I couldn't get WiFi to work Tuesday morning). Monday was a lovely day, though not without its 'adventures.'

     Up at 3:30 am and off for the airport around 4:40. A smooth flight to Denver, then the treat of my first flight in a prop plane from Denver to Billings. I was blessed with a window seat and spent a good portion of the flight with my proverbial nose to the glass enjoying the view. The plane flew much lower than a jet so the scenery was that much more entertaining. Took some pictures out the window on occasion, though clouds got in the way at times--but fun to have an avarii-eye view of avarii country!

     My t'DoL-wing stencil on my luggage sure paid off (compared to the fun of picking out my mom's identical, unstenciled bag).

     Having Frogmouth has proven a great treat already. I could catch up with journaling and read from 'Delarun' while killing the three hours between my flight arriving in Billings and my mom's flight getting there.

     Once we got past driving around in circles in Billings for 45 minutes because the contruction at the exit to the airport led me to take the wrong turn right off the bat--got a little better after that!

     Got to eat at Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner, and realized it was the same one we'd both eaten at for the very first time on the Glacier trip, four years ago. This time we got a quiet area, and it was wonderful.

     The drive from Billings to Yellowstone, though cloudy and a bit rainy at times, was smooth (hurrah for 75 mph/120 km/h speed limits!) and quite beautiful.

     The final 'adventure' was after we got to the hotel and found the lock on my mom's suitcase was jammed and wouldn't open. Thank God, though it was around 9 pm, maintenance was still about and popped it right open with a bolt cutter. Easier to buy a new lock than replace a suitcase!

     And Tuesday, we're off into Yellowstone...
Tags: frogmouth, photos, vacation
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