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Running quite behind, as you can see. This post is for Tuesday, June 2...

     It was an incredible day. Although there was nary a peek of sunlight and it varied between sprinkling and showering the entire day, we had a good time, and lots of memorable sights.

     Mammoth Hot Springs area was our first stop; I fell in love with the aptly named Orange Spring Mound and spotted some cheerful wildflowers as well.

     Then south to the Norris area, but on our way I got to see a mother elk whose baby didn't want to cross the river and the first of many bison.

     Norris was full of hot springs, steaming vents, bubbling pools and quiescent geysers...and the memorable stench of sulphur!

     From there a smooth drive to the Canyon area. My photos do Yellowstone Canyon, and the beautifully colored walls that give the park its name no justice at all, nor do they convey the sheer, spectacular size of it. The highlight of the area was the huge and powerful Lower Falls, of which I took far too many photos!

     After that a long slow backtrack (as Dunraven Pass was closed due to snow) along the route we'd taken, interrupted by bison in the road, and by a pair of beautiful male elk with velveted antlers, then east at Mammoth Hot Springs to the Lamar Valley area, renowned for viewing wildlife. Got to see pronghorn antelope (forgot to upload that photo), more elk, a very distant black bear, and loads of bison, but the biggest treat were the young bison calves.

     Back for dinner very late, but though the photos are dulled by the weather, the memories will stay bright!
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