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This post is for Wednesday, June 3

     We spent this day making our way slowly from Gardiner where we'd been staying on the north end of Yellowstone Park to Jackson south of Grand Tetons, so a bit of ground covered. Gardiner saw us off with a town-wide power outage--we couldn't even buy gas! At least it had come back on in Yellowstone by the time we reached Mammoth Springs.

     To my delight, Dunraven Pass was open. But the rain, clouds and fog during the morning meant we didn't see all that much driving through it. Fortunately, things got better in the afternoon.

     More fun with hot springs and related phenomenon as we stopped to see stinky Sulphur Cauldron and were amused by a hot spring that had emerged right in the parking lot.

     After reaching huge Yellowstone Lake the rain actually let up for a while and we got to see blue sky and even a little sunshine! It made walking around the West Thumb Geyser Basin area even more enjoyable. We both fell in love with Black Pool, and I was amused by a bunch of cowbirds near the mouth of Big Hole geyser.

     From there it was just driving (and getting caught in road construction) out of Yellowstone into Grand Tetons National Park. Even though my first encounter was on a wet, cloudy evening, the mountains were still quite grand! Into Jackson after 8, the less said about our dinner, the better! ;)
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