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This post is for (payday! ;) Friday, June 5th.

     Off at 8 to drive up to the northern part of Grand Tetons National Park. We had some gorgeous views on the way, as there was some sunlight and the reflections of the mountains in Jackson Lake were gorgeous.

     We took a couple mile walk around a small peninsula on Jackson Lake. It was quiet back there, just a few fishermen on the lake, green and cool. Beautiful views when the path was near the shore.

     Then we worked our way south. It was a treat to do the drive to the summit of Signal Mountain, especially since the five miles of hairpin turns really weren't bad--fresh-paved road and no sheer drop-offs made it a cinch. The views at the top were lovely, and there were so many flowers, butterflies, and birds around, quite tranquil in a different way than the lakeshore.

     Our next destination was the Jenny Lake scenic drive. We got out and walked a little bit, and got to see the lake from the opposite side of where we'd walked the day before. Could have stayed much longer, but the afternoon was wearing away and the weather was getting threatening.

     So it worked out that we got to have lunch at El Abuelito in Jackson while it was pouring outside. Talk about a blessing for timing! Between the weather and the very long day planned for Saturday, we took it easy in the afternoon. It got nicer again, and I couldn't stand 'wasting' all that precious sunlight, so headed out at 7:30 to enjoy evening in the southern end of the park. More storms came up, so there wasn't a pretty sunset, but I was still rewarded. I just loved looking at the clouds on the mountains and I had an even bigger treat in the form of eleven pronghorn antelope crossing Mormon Row a little ways down from where I'd parked. Got some movies and some photos of a few of them. Headed back toward Jackson at 9 pm, preparing myself for a 5 am departure on Saturday...
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