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Sunday, June 7 was our lazy day. It was deliciously cold during the night, and we slept in after our long day yesterday. The weather was quite cruddy and rainy throughout the morning, which didn't encourage us to do much (though my mom went to a nearby Mass). When we did get out, we eschewed outdoor activities in favor of a visit to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, located right outside Jackson in a neat stone building that seems a part of the landscape. (And huge, magnificent bronze sculptures outside.) Not only were the galleries right up my alley, spanning time between a sketch by Rembrandt to current artists, but I had an unexpected surprise as well. They had a special exhibit displaying original sketches and color drawings of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax! Considering that was one of my most favorite and influential books of my childhood, it was a treat indeed!

It got nice in the afternoon, actual blue skies and sunlight for a little while, but since we had plans for the evening, we didn't go far. Just took a little walk down a few blocks past the town fairgrounds to a park where a creek runs through. Got to get some photos of a magpie on the sidewalk, after they'd been teasing me in my photo attempts the last few days!

Evening was spent at the Bar J Chuckwagon dinner, with great food and even better western-style entertainment (nice location too, but we were inside most of the time). The talent of the singers and fiddling was just fantastic. Got back to Jackson after 9:30, with another early departure looming.
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