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     The flight from Billings to Denver on Tuesday was simply gorgeous; beautiful views of the snow-clad Rockies.

     Lots of shopping and catch-up on Wednesday--grateful I had that day off before going back to work.

     Couldn't help but feel a little touched by the huge sulk Arun threw on Thursday morning once he realized I was going back to work.

     Also touched when I got to work to find a countdown to my return on the whiteboard where I track who's off work. Poor Corey must have been really glad to get me back!

     And goodies at work Thursday as well--some rhubarb bread a friend of Nancy's gave her that she shared, and the goodies I picked up at the Cracker Barrel in Billings to bring in.

     Best of all, a weekend coming up. After the last two days of work, I really need it.
Tags: job: coworkers, pets: arun
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