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Shouts · of · Joy

It was a nice weekend...      I'm very…

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It was a nice weekend...

     I'm very grateful for Frogmouth, and all the journal-writing, picture-sorting, and LJ-posting I was able to get done on my vacation and in the airport, since that left so much less for catch-up afterward than after prior trips. What a treat! By the time Friday came around, all the catching-up I had left was a couple dozen pictures to name and one journal entry. Lovely.

     So thanks to that, and the fact there's no point kicking off any sizable art or editing projects with another trip looming, I was able to just do a bunch of relaxing and being outright lazy this weekend. It's been a long time. Just lolling around surfing, some reading online, doing puzzles of my illustrations, watching some stuff on dvd, and reading from book 4. Delicious (as I'm not letting myself even think about work until I get there).

     Off for more book 4 reading after a puzzle or two--hope everybody had a good weekend as well!
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