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Is there any blessing like a lovely story?

     I've just finished reading The Faun and the Woodcutter's Daughter by Barbara Leonie Picard. She writes my favorite fairy tales in the whole world. And I do them an injustice, because I can usually only remember my utter favorites, yet nearly every one is a treasure.

     There are fourteen in this book. And because of what I'm going through, they touched me more than ever before; I feel riven deep by their beauty and goodness and truth.

     'The Corn Maiden' almost had me weeping on the bus Friday morning. The young farmer in that story reminds me so much of my dear Geren, but it was his despair and the miracle of the ending that really got to me this time. 'The Third Witch' is a story I'll remember to my deathbed, and it certainly wasn't any less potent this time through. 'The Knight and the Naiad of the Lake' had not been a favorite before, but this time I appreciated the many meanings of the ending anew--with my heart, and not just with my mind. Really a tale worth pondering over, and with such delightful parallels to some of Jesus' parables. And 'Count Bertrand,' ever and always, was just incredible. I can never decide whether that or 'The Third Witch' is my utter favorite...they're both just priceless.

     I'm blessed to have stumbled across this book in college, and the more blessed that I've been able to collect all four volumes of her fairytales. I'll certainly be savoring them throughout this year!
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