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Today's goodies:

     NOT getting videotaped at work this morning; it was poor Corey who got conscripted to be filmed at recycling fiche. Whew.

     The treat of seeing catalpa blossoms on my walk home from the bus stop today. They're the more special for me since those trees generally bloom quite close to my birthday.

     A delight in the mailbox as well--a birthday card from my aunt! Not only was it a wonderfully touching one (since I could tell she was thinking of my Geren books when she picked it out) but it was an unexpected treat, as I'll be seeing her on my birthday--and rumor has it she might cook me a birthday meal, too! =D

     And the blessing of rain this evening for my droughty side of the state. I'm very grateful for a brief reprieve from sunlight and heat!
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