Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
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Recent treats:

     Summer season brings the blessing of less crowded buses. It has been a real treat bringing my book 4 binder along the past two days and reading that on the bus rides...and a different sort of 'fun' hauling that extra weight up the 78 steps each morning, too! =)

     Bunch of fun rereading 'Vigil' today as well--really need to find an excuse for writing more Heruvael-pov pieces!

     Yesterday brought the first tornado damage to my state, which made me grateful we made it past the middle of June before such a specter reared its head. In fact, the WCCO weatherman said in his blog today that it's the third latest tornado season ever for the area. That is a very great blessing, especially after poor Hugo getting plastered on Memorial Day weekend last year. Big blessing!
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