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Shouts · of · Joy

I'm grateful for:      Two warm, sticky…

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I'm grateful for:

     Two warm, sticky days in a row where it was cloudy or mostly cloudy for the duration of my walk home from the bus stop. What a blessing! And wonderful to be able to eat when I get home instead of having to wait a while for my appetite to recover.

     Escape! The weather forecast for early next week is looking hideous--up to 90 F/32 C. But I won't be here; I'll be in Virginia, and it will be cooler there. YAY!

     Heading out tomorrow morning for a week at my Uncle's new home on the coast, and I just wanted to let folks know that IF they asked for a postcard for my Yellowstone vacation, and IF I get a chance to buy some in Virginia (as it's not really a sightseeing trip) I'll try to send some more. No promises, though!

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rushed packing 'n preparation
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