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Lots of treats on my 34th birthday Monday:

     Can't go any further without mentioning the feasting that's been going on lately. Tito and Iris fed us lunch and dinner on Sunday, and I was still full from lunch (but I can always make room for Puerto Rican rice and beans, believe me). Then there was the fabulous birthday dinner my aunt made for me Monday. Including black beans and rice and fried plantain, num! I was too stuffed for birthday cake until hours afterward.

     The weather was a little iffy in the morning, so instead of going to the beach (on a private island with no facilities or shelter) we went to the town of Onancock instead. Lovely place--and it didn't start raining until after we left.

     Another treat was going to the dock out back--my previous visits had all been at/near high tide, but it's a different world out there at low tide. I was delighted by the hundreds of tiny crabs scuttling about everywhere, as well as mussels and snails.

     Gifts from God on my birthday included a faint rainbow after the second round of rain, and while I was trying to get pictures of that, I was treated to the antics of three young raccoons on the dock. What a delight! Finally, the day was crowned by a glorious sunset, and the beautiful fireflies after.
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