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I won't be forgetting Tuesday any time soon, but this is a gush journal:

     Which means I must focus on the fact that nobody outright fell off the boat, and those of us who jumped off to try to get it out of the shallows where it was stuck, did get back on, eventually. I'm still sore from that struggle...but I'm not swept out to sea either!

     Tuesday was the day we got to go to Cedar Island, which is privately owned and has no facilities (and the interior is currently closed because of nesting seabirds). Pictures of the beach are drab due to the cloudy weather, but it really was a wonderful day to spend hours pottering along the beach picking up shells.

     I had far too much fun with crabs as well as shells. There were tiny crabs that camouflaged well with the sand, bigger darling crabs who posed nicely, and one I caught for photos. The seabirds weren't entirely forgotten however--got to see my first American Oystercatchers! (and Black Skimmers, too.)

Grateful to take it easy after we got back, enjoy delicious leftovers from my birthday dinner, and actually get to bed around 9:30--sure beats 11:30 to midnight when I just can't sleep past 5 am!
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