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     The Glacier National Park webcams that I've been watching for...four years now have gotten even more fun with the addition of an Osprey cam, pointed at the nest near the St Mary visitor's center which I saw four summers ago. It's been fun taking peeks lately!

     Had today off work because Independence Day falls on Saturday this year--so treated myself out to see Pixar's 'Up' again, this time in 3d. What a treat! And I've never seen movie trailers in 3d before, either!

     After that, some flower shopping to boost the size of my minuscule garden, now that my vacations are behind me--and it was great timing. The Linder's seasonal greenhouses have everything at 50% off this weekend!

     A natural treat today in the form of a handful of mulberries from a tree that grows by the parking lot. It was a sapling when I first moved in; in a few more years the lowest branches will be too high to reach!
Tags: flowers, glacier webcams, movies

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