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Shouts · of · Joy

Friday, hooray!      I got treated out for…

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Friday, hooray!

     I got treated out for a late birthday lunch by my coworkers Shelley and Kathy. We went to Cossetta's (my first time there) and boy was it a treat! Delicious penne alla fresco, and then leftovers for dinner too! We all very much enjoyed it.

     A bit of a surprise before dinner when I looked outside and spotted a tiny baby rabbit right by the cat enclosure! Got one bad photo through the blinds, then it took off like a shot when I tried to raise them to get another. I'm still baffled over whether Shado was inside because he just didn't care, or because he was scared of the mite--or sick of all the mosquitoes, perhaps! Cats. ;)

     Hurrah for a weekend, air conditioning, and a chance to pop a sleeping pill. =)
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