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So, this morning (Sunday) Shado and I were startled awake around 2:30 am by something falling over...and then I was awakened again at 3:00 am by Shado wanting to throw up on the blanket on top of me (he got pushed off my bed in time, thankfully).

     Why is this in my 'gush' journal? Because I wasn't able to fall back asleep very fast after the 3 am awakening, but my imagination went into overdrive with 'Delarun.' I figured out the structure/breakout of 'chapters' in section 4 ('The Sentinel'), and then later I realized I could have Wrane make an appearance in it too, in 'chapter' 4. Eeee!

     Got some notes typed up, and copied over the relevant portions of my PatR essay--feels great to be making progress somewhere when I've been too worn out by summer SAD to even do any art!
Tags: delarun, pets: shado
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