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     Goodies in the mail! A pleasant surprise in the form of a late birthday gift from Christi, and also an anticipated treasure in the shape of the seven-volume paperback set of the Harry Potter books. It's been two years I've been waiting for them to come out, and now I finally get to reread them all straight through, from first to seventh. Yippee!

     Passed the 2,000 comment mark over at the Windstone Forum, which is a milestone I've been looking forward to.

     Had to drive into work today and leave early, because of a 4:10 dentist appointment. Both the commute and the appointment went well, glad to say. Got a laugh out of the staff as I was leaving, when I told them I'd be spending the rest of the summer beating my apartment into shape before my mom's visit. =) Most of them are moms with adult children, hence the amusement!
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