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Been looking forward to today for a bit:

     And that was because we had some fun planned at work--a visit to the Taco House for goodies, to celebrate one-year-to-Kathy's-retirement. I got a cheese enchilada, bean and cheese tostada, churro, and chips with guacamole to munch on in the afternoon/evening. Yum, yum! Kathy, Nancy, and I ate at Mears Park (oddly cool and pleasantly breezy) and were joined by Dawn with pizza. Made for a fun lunch outing! (And the awesome parking ramp worker not only let Kathy leave to get the food without paying, but when we got back, he cleared her a parking space as the others were all taken!)

     Just two more days of Corey's week-long vacation, and Nancy will be helping me with his work for these last days--I'm gonna make it!
Tags: job: coworkers, job: work, taco house
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