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A bunch of treats today:

     Greg and I had an all-afternoon class at work that we hadn't exactly been looking forward too. To my delight, it got out an hour early--so I didn't have to stay late and take a later bus home, yay!

     Incredible and delicious weather--it only got up to 70 F/21 C today, which is amazing for July! And more of the same forecasted for tomorrow. I am simply astounded--and delighted by every blessing that gets me closer to autumn.

     A 'Farmer's Market' meal tonight comprised of tricolor green beans and yummy new potatoes.

     Best of all, a phone call from my mom--my parents finished reading book 4 today! She's not out for my blood ;) and they're both looking forward to book 5. Yay! =D
Tags: book 4: readers, farmer's market, job: other
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