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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent good stuff:      It is nice to have…

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Recent good stuff:

     It is nice to have money again, thanks to payday Friday. Nice to have food again as well--finally figured out where in Cub the guacamole is sold and treated myself to some with chips tonight. Delicious!

     Happy to have passed the halfway mark with my first editing run-through of Hope's Passage. I'm just plain enjoying it too much, so I plan to go through it twice, but I'm pleased with my progress this week!

     Best of all, happy to get good news of Aaron's welfare. It's been a little tense since his parents got an e-mail out of Iraq from him on Thursday, asking for prayer, 'the more prayer the better.' My condolences to the families of the three soldiers (two who live in neighboring suburbs to mine) who died in the attack, but I am very, very glad Aaron is alive and well. Thank you, God!
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