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It was a nice weekend...

     Thanks to the sleeping pill, got a great, long sleep Friday night to Saturday morning. Made it to 7 am, wow!!

     Realized this weekend why I wasn't seeing my Evolvulus blooming--because the flowers are wilted by late afternoon when I get home from work. So I was able to get a shot of my planter in the morning when those lovely blue blooms are still around.

     Very delighted to have finally gotten into Poser again for the first time since May. Just slow, tedious groundwork on my t'DoL figure, but it will pay off in the future. =)

     Delighted to read about an ABC article on Summer SAD over at the summer SAD LJ community. The more people like me out there who learn what it is they're suffering from in the summers, and realize that they're not just weird freaks, the happier I am!
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