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Recent delights:

     A taco from coworker Kathy for lunch yesterday, and the deliciousness of my first local-grown corn on the cob from the Farmer's Market for this summer. Yum!

     Finished reading the last Harry Potter book today--it's been a delicious 16 days, and I quite enjoyed reading them back to back like that.

     Just had to close with quoting the remark my brother left on my last post as syndicated to my Facebook account (which I'm still locked out of):

     The Shado rocks. Of course, if he ends up eating the Defender in Book 5, I reserve the right to reconsider my opinion. Happy almost writing season!

     That just cracks me up too much, so I want it here that way I can find it easily and enjoy it whenever I want! Why it cracks me up will become more clear whenever I finally write the second-to-last chapter of book 5... ;P
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