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Pretty nice weekend, though it went too fast!

     Friday was a treat at work, literally. My coworker Dawn brought in super fresh donut holes (glazed and chocolate) from a bakery, and they were wonderful...and then we'd all forgotten the going-away party down in the scanning area for a coworker who got a promotion. So there were more goodies there! Quite a sweet-lover's feast.

     Got my order in the mail Friday--and am very happy with the note cards I ordered from CafePress, using the 'Butterfly' image I'd made to celebrate my 600th post here. I'll definitely be buying more in the future, once I use up this batch!

     A treat Sunday when I discovered something that had been on my Daz3d wishlist for years was at 72% off--only $5.59! So if I conjure up sufficient time and energy, I might be able to have me a Puma-Lord present in my 700th 'gush' post celebration picture. *bounces* Fortunately I still have over 50 posts to go before I hit that milestone. =)

     This weekend's labor in Poser and Vue also brought me to another milestone with my t'DoL figure. Can't say I'm perfectly content with all the work I put into the clothes yet, but another week of struggling probably wouldn't put me much closer. I think I'll keep my remaining hair in my scalp ;) and celebrate how far I've gotten, though I'm certainly not done yet!
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