Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

I am ready for a Monday and grateful the weekend is almost over!

     That probably sounds odd; a simple explanation is the combination of a sleeping pill Friday night and a series of storms dumping inches of rain overnight led to me discovering all sorts of flooding fun when I finally got up Saturday morning.

     Still, it can always be worse! I'm grateful that the wet carpet stench I had to live with Saturday is nearly gone now, though I'll have to hang the throw rug outside again tomorrow (chance of rain tonight).

     Grateful that nearly everything that got damaged was empty boxes stacked up in case my mom needed them/things I'd planned to throw out anyway.

     So, even though it feels like I went more backward than forward in getting my place ready for my mom coming, I am happy with my editing progress on Hope's Passage and my making a Puma-Lord figure easier than expected for future projects.

     My other treat this weekend was as I was standing outside, checking on the drying progress of the throw rug, with Shado making a racket in the cat enclosure near me--got the birds in the lilacs nearby all worked up. They were wrens, a whole bunch of them, and I got to see at least one gawky fledgling. A double treat, since with my editing a book about a certain avarii fledgling, I've really got fledglings on the brain of late. ;)
Tags: birds: other, hope's passage
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