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Shouts · of · Joy

Gratitudes for the workweek:      My mom…

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Gratitudes for the workweek:

     My mom finally got around to reading 'Defender' and enjoyed it. =)

     I'm glad I changed my plans and made pasta salad on Wednesday morning for my latest dinners. With this weather, a cold meal is much easier to get down.

     Bought more corn on the cob from the Farmer's Market today, and it was delicious--definitely at its prime.

     Last but definitely not least, thank the Good Lord for air conditioning! I don't even want to imagine what my week would be like without it. Been a blessing to not get up to 90 F/32 C yet and prove the forecast wrong (so far) but the humidity has been horrific. I am grateful the reprieve has been so very long--I don't think there's been a stretch this nasty for heat AND humidity since 2006!
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