Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

I need another weekend to recuperate from this weekend--but I'm grateful for all I got done.

     Grateful for what I didn't get done as well--I hadn't yet gotten around to cleaning the closet after last weekend's flooding, and that sure paid off Saturday night when it flooded again. This time I didn't sleep through it, and though it was coming in faster than ever before, me and my itty-bitty pump managed to keep up and keep the water just in the closet. Whew!

     Got up at 6 after a rotten night to find another storm bearing down--but thank God it didn't rain quite hard enough to start the flooding all over again, just got me so jittery I wore myself out!

     And with all that fun, it was a treat indeed to get a comment from Shanra on one of my old hyarmi stories (a decade old, now!). I needed something good in my in-box after that restless night!

     Now, to get away from all the flooding babble, I got some fun photos of Shado today, as I was lying on my bed-on-the-floor during one of my breaks from cleaning. Got one of him doing his own cleaning, and was delighted to also finally get a photo of his amusing flehmen response--Shado sticking out his tongue!
Tags: hu-hov's debut, pets: shado, photos
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