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Monday and Tuesday were the days I worked while my mom caught up with some friends.

     I brought in a pound of white chocolate almond 'almond bark' style candy from the candy store we'd found up north. It was to make it up to my coworkers since I won't be getting them State Fair cookies this year (as we're going Friday and I won't be back to work until Tuesday). Needless to say, it was greatly enjoyed!

     Picked up bags of the caramel, cheese, and plain popcorn my mom has been craving and had a junk food and movie night on Monday--both the movie and yummies were great!

     On Tuesday, I went out for a Coney Island with two coworkers and had a great time. Didn't get the 'Heruvael-waiter' this time, but that's just fine by me. ;)

     Tuesday evening was running errands. Found a fabulous discount shoe store I'll definitely be visiting in the future, and my mom picked up the ingredients she needs to make me spaghetti and meatballs for after she leaves...and I'm getting hungry for it just typing this!
Tags: job: coworkers, popcorn, spaghetti

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