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Shouts · of · Joy

Boy have I got some catching up to do here!…

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Boy have I got some catching up to do here!

     We had a great time at the State Fair Friday. It rained while we waited for the Fair bus and during the bus ride, but that was it--nice the rest of the day, hurrah! Had fun watching a dog obedience demonstration, part of a horse show, African Violet display, the 'Last Chance Forever' birds of prey presentation, which was more fantastic than ever...and of course can't forget about the food! I'm just going to link to a bunch of photos here, most of which are of raptors. Aside from spending money on the food, I also got a bunch of clothes at the Indonesian stall I've bought from in the past. Simply a long, fun day.

     Saturday we had breakfast with the Towners so my mom could see their grandchildren, as it's been a while for her. (And she got to meet Aaron's cat Teabag as well.) I was pretty worn out today from Friday, so just did some catch-up and a bit of reading. Dinner was at the Towner's again, and then a slide show of photos I took on my Yellowstone/Tetons and Virginia vacations in June, as they hadn't seen them yet. Just a great time.

     Sunday was church, then I treated my mom out to lunch at Kincaid's in downtown St. Paul. She quite enjoyed it, which made me happy--and we were the only people in the restaurant for the first half hour or so! Had a good time visiting some family in the afternoon, and then in the evening was a junk food night while watching 'Australia.' I also finally got to paint stencils on my mom's suitcase--she'll have no trouble picking it out at the airport now!
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On September 1st, 2009 12:38 am (UTC), silvanime commented:
I'm not sure whether I've said this or not, but Teabag is an awesome name for a cat. I heartily approve.

Some drool-worthy photos there, for sure. The wooden bear made me laugh. Your photos of the birds are quite impressive too. A sign of lots of practice, perhaps?

How did you find the movie? It didn't get a great reaction here at home.
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On September 1st, 2009 11:05 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
You may have; it sounds familiar. ;)

Well, with the bird photos, it's because I upload the one good one and delete the five bad ones!

The movie was fun, if a bit over-the-top in a number of ways. We were watching as much for the gorgeous landscapes as anything!