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Wasn't planning to post this morning, but Saturday had some unforgettable highlights:

     A wonderful night's sleep with a sleeping pill, and then I got to finish the project I'd started on earlier--a hyarmi-cubs autumn sidebar image for this journal. You may notice I've switched it from the left side to the right side--that's because the old image was making it hard to view my tags page.

     I'd mentioned a few posts back that my mom made her wonderful spaghetti sauce and meatballs for me while she visited--well Saturday was the day I defrosted my first batch and had some for dinner. NOM, I say. NOM, NOM, NOM! ;D

     In the evening I went out to fertilize my tiny garden (my lantana put on quite the display for my mom's visit), and then I swept the sidewalk...and then I found my mom's missing ring! It was lying outside right by the doorstep of my front door, and it had been there for just shy of two weeks, while we both ransacked my apartment, my mom's luggage, and even looked in my car for it. What an amazing answer to prayer!

     Last but not least, to crown off the evening--around 9 pm my time the Grey Bengal PoadsTM got put up in the Windstone store--and I was around to snag one. HURRAH!!!
Tags: art, flowers, photos, poads(tm), spaghetti, windstone ed
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