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Yep, twice in one day today--but there's no way I can keep quiet about THIS!

     I had my PA (Performance Appraisal) today. I expected to get gushed upon (and since I'm in pain from IBS, I don't think I was quite so red-faced throughout as usual).

     But I wasn't expecting so much more...

     It appears the job review committee acts a whole lot faster than I expected. My revised job description went before them yesterday, and they accepted it.

     I am hereby promoted to Administrator in Document Capture Management!

     More than that--it's retroactive to the first of March. My boss was really going to bat for me--she put it through to HR right away so I could get a raise now rather than the customary June yearly raise.

     And what a raise it is--$3,000 per year!

     And because she moved it up and I've gotten a promotion, I'm eligible for another review (and potential raise) in only six months.

     Wow! Wow wow wow! THANK YOU GOD!!! What a surprise!

     And what a blessing! I'd been feeling just a trifle wistful since He told me to give away the entirety of my State tax return (the other reason I did taxes early--I don't need the money in any hurry, but the nonprofit does). And now THIS gift is so much better! I am rather curious what my end-March paycheck is going to look like, hee hee.

     And now I'm all the closer to being able to afford me a house...

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