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Today was Renaissance Festival day!

     Since my friend Christi couldn't come this year (due to an under 3-months baby) it left me free to be flexible. I decided to go earlier so the art stores wouldn't be picked over as much as on the last weekends, and so it would be less of a hindrance to writing season. Happy to make great time going over and get there about 9:40 and stay to almost 5.

     Feels like I spent all my eating cash on drinks, since it was a warm and rather sticky day (for September), but I did get to enjoy corn on the cob, spinach pie, and cheese curds. Had a sparkling apple cider float with cinnamon ice cream as well--not bad!

     Most of the time was spent walking around and ogling everything--and getting ogled in return. I think I had more remarks on my costume than in other years, perhaps because I left my cloak behind due to the warmth. Everything from 'mystery woman' to 'Owl Lady.' ;)

     I didn't break my budget with anything fancy this year, but Ruth Thompson had prints made to look like they were matted and perfect for my 8x10 frame at work, so I couldn't pass up the buy 3 get one free offer. Got a black unicorn, a black pegasus, a black dragon...and a red-winged angel.

     My coworker Dawn wants to see lots of photos, so if anyone else is interested I've uploaded 20 over here. A warm day, but a lovely one. =)
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