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Sunday was wonderful:

     Made good progress on my ongoing art project, and also finally made a human mug-shot for my Triune characters page, since I've already got 5 hyarmi ones and 4.5 avarii. Glad my scheme with the beard worked and saved me hours of hair-pulling!

     Got a delightful phone call from my aunt, who is having a great time rereading the first Geren book and spotting things she hadn't particularly noticed before.

     Some great progress with my book 5 outline notes, which I had left in disarray after finishing book 4 last winter. Got some chapter titles chosen too--no way I can write without those!

     But best of all, Sunday was the day I kicked off the autumn 2009 writing writing the prologue to book 5! It has been well over a decade I've been looking forward to putting that scene in words; still can't quite believe I've done it!

     (Small print for any potentially overly-excited book 4 readers: I won't be going straight into book 5 chapter 1 just yet, but it is getting closer!)
Tags: art, book 1: readers, book 5: other, book 5: writing, triune: misc
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