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Couple good events to round off the workweek:

     After spending a few weeks putting up holder slots and copying oft-updated posts over to my main log-in id (shout_of_joy, which I spend 95% of my time logged into) my 'revamp' of my avarii wings community is complete! Feels great to have lots of slots ready for future events, a new 'burble' post up over there, a human character finally making an appearance in the illustrated characters list, and to be able to work over there ongoing and not have to waste time logging into my other writing LJ id. Just feels great!

     Also nice to have the end of a mess on Friday as well. I had placed an order last Sunday for a couple books and 1 cd from a single seller on The confirmation e-mail never arrived...and my account showed I'd never placed the order, but the seller's things I'd tried to buy had disappeared. So I daily visited the forums over at eBay all week, as dozens of other people had the same thing happen, and the response was...far from timely OR professional. But all's well as ends well, and even though I have to wait an extra week for the third and fourth books in a series I'm really itching to get my hands on--at least it all got sorted out at last. And a good exercise in patience, right? ;)
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