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Recent goodies:

     A pleasant surprise yesterday walking home from the bus stop in the form of migrating bluebirds! One flew over the roof of my apartment, and there was at least one in the back yard that flew off as well. A treat!

     I've been rereading my Geren books to try to gear up for book 5, and Monday was the day I finished book 3 and started in on book 4. Getting close! God willing, I'll be ready to dive into book 5 chapter 1 this weekend...

     And at LAST, the autumn equinox! Maybe the cool weather and decent night temps they've been backing up for weeks will finally arrives. Me sore, tired carcass sure hopes so--autumn HAS to come sooner or later! =)
Tags: birds: bluebirds, book 3: other, book 4: other
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