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     Thursday morning brought a splendid surprise on the bus ride to work. It was very dark, cloudy, and a little rainy, it hardly seemed as if the sun had come up yet, so I was shocked to see a piece of a rainbow as we drew close to the city. Turns out just both ends of the rainbow were visible, along with some sullen colors from the sunrise along the horizon. What a treat--it's been many years since I've seen a morning rainbow!

     My Cuttle PoadTM that I won on eBay with million-word celebration money arrived on Thursday...and the poor box got splashed on by gusts of rain for a good hour before I got to it. So I'm very grateful it was still pretty dry inside. My tenth PoadTM is just fine, as is the COA with Melody's sketch on it. Yay!

     I was feeling on Thursday as if I was getting sick, and had a horrid gut-ache most of the afternoon, so I wasn't happy when I got some water in the closet Thursday evening. I wanted to go to bed early and ward off sickness--not spend the night bailing! But thank God, the rain slowed up enough and the flooding was minimal enough, that I went to bed early and didn't feel prodded to get up at all--and I'm feeling a fair bit better today. Hurrah!
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