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Tomorrow is a Friday!

     I'm quite grateful, with this cold, wet Novemberish-October to follow up a hot, dry Augustish-September, that the drought situation in my state has taken some great strides for the better. Wonderful.

     Hard to believe that tomorrow marks my 11th service anniversary working for my employer. This year sure went fast--feels like I just had that big 10th anniversary celebration!

     I might be trudging along this week at the rate of about 1,000 words per writing session, but I'm very grateful that: a) I'm still moving forward! b) My tortoise-like plodding this autumn has finally gotten me to the 90,000 word mark for 2009, and 3) That things are still moving into place on my outline. More like a Jordan River than Red Sea crossing here--I have to stick my foot in it first, instead of seeing my way far in advance. ;)
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