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Shouts · of · Joy

I am being haunted!      Okay, so a more…

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I am being haunted!

     Okay, so a more rational explanation would be that some Bald Eagles are either nesting or planning to nest somewhere along the Mississippi River valley close to where I live.

     The reason I say that is because one flew over me as I was walking home from the bus stop this afternoon. Sauntered, practically, for it was in no hurry, going nowhere in particular, and not all that high up--maybe 40-50 feet. I stopped in my tracks and just gawped at it for a little. Wonderful blessing!

     And then I checked my mail to find a lovely card from Shanra in there--and what else is all over it but Bald Eagles! Gorgeous art, though not half as precious as the beautiful words inside. A double treat in a matter of minutes.

     My Vue upgrade arrived in nearby Eagan at 12:30 am...hopefully I'll get it tomorrow!
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