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So, Friday was a delicious taste of winter, and Saturday was back to autumn!

     Thanks to the weather forecast saying dry and sunny for at least Saturday morning, I was able to get in one autumn outing in 2009 after all. The drive down the Wisconsin side with snow still about and rich hues from the oaks was beautiful. Stopped at the Pepin Heights Apple Orchard storefront south of Lake City and got a half-gallon of apple cider, then went and took a long (and very steep) walk at Frontenac State Park--one last use of my annual state park sticker which expires at the end of the month. Boy did I get my money's worth since October of 2008!

     I'm grateful the forecasters actually had it right--it was a beautiful morning and didn't cloud up until around 1, on my way back home. Here, have a token photo!

     And now I'm signing off LJ, and the internet shortly, for my second internet 'fast' of the year. They've got that horrid evilday stuff defiling my bio page already--past time to be gone. As usual, I'll still check e-mail; be back on the internet sometime in the good month of November!
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